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At Denison Rehabilitation Clinic, our focus is not just on the temporary relief of pain but on the long term health of the patient. We are committed to providing an opportunity for optimal health by facilitating a more lasting improvement in the spine and posture.
At our clinic we integrate the technique of traditional Chiropractic treatment along with active rehabilitation, ergonomic assessment and a wellness approach to your problems. This approach offers our patients a unique opportunity to improve the structure of their spine while receiving effective pain relief.
Chiropractic proves that the spine has an optimal structure, which minimizes stress on the nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems. This optimal shape is important in improving abnormal symptoms and conditions, such as:
  • 1 . Neck and back pain
  • 2 . Muscle tension
  • 3 . Disc damage
  • 4 . Arthritis
  • 5 . Increased fatigue
  • 6 . Unnecessary stress on bones, joints and vital organs (including lungs, heart and liver)
  • When the spine assumes its healthy and ideal alignment it is able to perform its tasks with the greatest ease and power, helping to prevent further injury and damage.
  • 7 . From the front, the pelvis is level and the spine is straight. ie. Your hips, shoulders and head should be level.
  • 8 . From the side, the spine should have 3 distinct but balanced curves. These provide shock absorbing ability and reduce tension on the brain and spinal cord.

How do we evaluate the structure of your spine?

Chiropractors evaluate the structure of your spine through postural and x-ray analysis. Poor posture is a strong indicator of unhealthy structure and is therefore a key component in your assessment. X-ray analysis enables us to confirm the extent of the problem and create an individualized program of care. Your results and our recommendations are based on detailed mathematical measurements of the curves in your spine which are compared to healthy, normal values.

How do we correct the problem?

Correction of structural problems is accomplished through a combination of strategies:
  • 1 . Adjusting and restoring movement of the spine
  • 2 . Unique exercise program – designed to help remodel your spine (just as braces are used by dentists to remodel your teeth)
  • 3 . Postural rehabilitation exercises
  • 4 . Educational workshop designed to help you prevent further damage to your spine and nervous system.
Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you.